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Data Storage San Diego, CA

remotebackupSanDiego 150x150 HomeData storage in San Diego just got much better! There are indeed instances when your personal computer suddenly crashes or is infected by a deadly virus. All the vital information that you had collected for years got lost in a matter of minutes! Your business is compromised and you face the need to start from scratch again. To keep this kind of unfortunate incident happening to you, the Sterling Data Storage comes to the rescue. We are a dedicated group of professionals with one goal-to protect your information.

Leader in Data Storage San Diego

Sterling Data Storage is the data storage leader in San Diego.  We also offer in depth backup of data and high caliber security for small, medium or large businesses. Presently, the offline and on-line environment demands that information be preserved and be effectively protected with in-depth security. It also needs to be done with ease and convenience to the business. A lot of companies have difficulty finding a highly skilled, professional, and knowledgeable disaster recovery organization. Sterling Data Storage San Diego employs experts who thoroughly understand the necessity of utilizing the type of security level and scalability your organization needs. We are the best in data storage within the state.


dataprotectionSanDiego 300x242 HomeBecause of the restore technology and instant data backup offered by Sterling, a number of office operations will immediately be synchronized for offsite storing as a way to secure all your crucial data. The search engine is correctly indexed into the server software therefore allowing you to rapidly locate your certain file within the shortest time. Take note the following key features of Sterling Data Storage: compressed and encrypted file source/rest storage, open file support and locked file support, CPU throttling and bandwidth throttling, and protocols are customizable for sets backup. Overall, Sterling Data Storage knows the particular needs of businesses and that is why we adhere to the best business practices with government requirements. We also help fulfill any of your requests for compliance.

State of the Art Data Storage San Diego

In case of power and network glitches, your business will have to spend an enormous amount of cash for the expense of time and labor to recover your lost data. For example, this happens when your computer unit or laptop are stolen, or when your hard drive crashes. In worst instances, you could encounter major problem if you have a virus in your system or someone in the office accidentally erases a vital file. These unfortunate incidents frequently do happen.


But having a trustworthy and state of the art remote backup technology, you’ll be able to quickly recover your lost data. Sterling Data Storage gives you the confidence with its enterprise level hardware and software program and its Tier SAS – 70 together with our advanced data center. For your data storage, select Sterling Data Storage for optimum data security.

All in all, Sterling Data Storage San Diego offers superb data security, remote access, and centralized back up to help make your work operations and employee performance efficient.  Sterling is a data storage company that makes sure it understands the needs of your company. They essentially do all the hard work so that you will not have to.

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